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Easy Switch Replacement | Canada

Switches can be replaced without using screwdrivers. Maintenance time is significantly reduced

Conventional code readers have limited options and high costs

At semiconductor manufacturing sites, preventing downtime is an important issue when maximizing production efficiency for ultimate throughput. However, whatever the countermeasure, the equipment must be temporarily stopped to replace parts during maintenance. For example, during wiring, screws are removed using a screwdriver, wiring is adjusted, and screws fixed using a screwdriver again. However, using a single screwdriver to remove so many screws takes time and effort. Furthermore, mechanical designers for semiconductor manufacturing equipment must satisfy the demand for downsizing, while at the same time securing enough space for workers needing to use a screwdriver.

Reduce downtime with quick and easy switch replacement
So what can be done to replace switches quickly and downsize equipment? IDEC has the solutions to the problem that design engineers may have. Our solution is to enable easy installation of switches by using a switch and harness so that wiring time is greatly reduced. By attaching a male connector on the cable side and female connector on the terminal block side which had been fixed using a screw, the cable can be easily and quickly removed even in tight spaces. This switch solution reduces time required for designing equipment and downtime when replacing switches.

IDEC switches are an ideal solution for your application needs
IDEC understands the requirement of semiconductor manufacturing devices ensuring our customers total support from drawing switch parts, quality control, to delivery. We can customize products to meet customer demands such as cable length adjustment and switches with connectors. We can also support customers regarding system solutions such as using connectors for wiring switches and single board mounting. Contact IDEC if you have any concerns about switches.