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Material Handling | Solutions | Canada

As companies innovate and become more automated, we continue to support increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems. We help solve material-handling challenges with our wide range of cutting-edge solutions.

Prevent injury

Smart blind-spot safety. Prevent human injury by eliminating blind spots.
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Eliminate injury risk

Smart overhead transfer safety. Eliminate the risk of injury from overhead transfer systems.
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Ensure safety

Smart production line safety. Low profile AGVs ensure safety at production sites.
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Take safety measures

Smart palletizing-robot safety. Reliable safety measures support palletizing robots.
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Safer maintenance

Smart maintenance safety. Reduce injury during maintenance.
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Maintain efficiency

Smart protective fence safety. Eliminate risk and maintain production efficiency.
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Avoid accidents

Smart safety switches. Avoid the risk of accidents in automatic warehouses during maintenance.
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Reduce process time and cost

Automated storage switches. Reduce total process time and cost for manufacturing switch boxes for automated storage.
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Prevent accidents

Retrieving area safety. Prevent accidents when safety guards cannot be installed at retrieving areas.
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Build highly functional factories

Smart screen updates. Build highly functional factories with efficient screen updates on SGVs.
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Prevent mobile robot accidents

Simple safety measure for movable robots. Prevent mobile robot accidents with appropriate safety measures.
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Balance efficiency and safety

Wearable code reader. A wearable code reader balances efficiency and safety.
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