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Flat LED Lighting | Canada

Use flat LED lighting for checking smooth machined surfaces

LED glares made the machined surfaces look uneven

LED glares made the machined surfaces look uneven
A machine designer at a machine tool manufacturer that took pride in their highly precise work was developing a new machining center equipped with a turning process function, and had one problem that could not be solved. When he was overseeing the operation status from a viewing window, glares from the LED illumination inside the machine made the machined surface look like having chatter marks, which apparently ruined the look of high-precision machining. He was wondering what to do, being unable to resolve the issue by changing the angle of the illumination or how the light shone. IDEC solved the glare problem using a certain product. Which product did IDEC use?

Flat LED lighting makes machined surfaces look smooth as they really are
Standards such as ISO23215, JIS B6031, and EN 1837 stipulate that illumination inside machine tools must have 500 lux luminance. We analyzed how the illumination inside the machine tool shone, and found that their LED light had multiple LED elements lined up, each of them emitting linear light. This made the whole area bright, but the light distribution was uneven. We introduced the One-Core LED LF1D"C Series to the customer. LF1D"C is flat illumination capable of emitting light on the surface evenly, which the perfect illumination inside machine tools. When we tried LF1D"C in the machine, there were absolutely no glares like chatter marks and the machined surface looked smooth. He thanked us and said that “high precision surfaces processed with a turning machine can now be visually confirmed as smooth as they are.
We would like to apply this product to other machining centers as well. So, if you have any problems with LED illumination for inside machine tools, consult IDEC.