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Robot Warning System | Canada

Simple measure that prevents accident by displaying servo-power on/off

Ensured environmental resistance is a great benefit for users
In production processes such as car body assembly at automobile manufacturers, maintenance personnel must confirm that robots are stopped before entering an area guarded by safety fences to perform maintenance work. However, even though a robot might be temporarily stopped, mistaken operation or similar error can result in sudden robot operation, possibly causing an accident and human injury. To counter this type of risk, UL standards require the use of indicators that clearly differentiate whether the robot status is "Safe stop (servo power is off)" or "Dangerous stop (servo power is on)".

Conventionally, robots with safety check pilot lights installed have been covered with waterproof/dustproof boxes if they are used in environments where water and dustproof performance is required, such as painting processes. However, this method results in the box decreasing visibility of the pilot lights, making it necessary to use a bracket to fix the arm of the installed robot, a cable-drawing device and similar items, resulting in multiple issues that increase costs and time and effort related to installation of such indicators. Development personnel of industrial robot manufacturers have been searching for easier installation methods.

Pilot lights with water and dustproof performance to resolve these existing issues
Pilot lights that had water and dustproof measures without obstructing visibility of the lights while also reducing time and effort and costs would enable manufacturers to provide better products and allow users to work in a safer environment. IDEC's LH1D Surface Mount Indicators provide robots with benefits for both manufacturers and users. Due to their conformance with IP67, it is not necessary to sacrifice visibility of the pilot lights by installing a box or other method as water/dustproof measures. Additionally, the two-screw installation and selection of cable lengths (1, 3, or 5-m) provide easy installation regardless of the robot size. This solution solves all the existing issues of reduced visibility, installation time and effort and increased costs.

IDEC features a variety of control instruments that can solve all manner of issues at production sites
IDEC provides reliability and results for safety with not only our selection of safety equipment and control instruments consisting of pilot lights, PLCs, programmable displays, pushbutton switches, relays, safety switches, emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety laser scanners and safety controllers, but also through the largest number of safety assessors in the industry. IDEC can provide consulting not only regarding safety equipment but you can also count on us to provide all manner of general safety solutions for your manufacturing site. Please feel free to contact IDEC if you have any questions or concerns regarding solving problems at your production site.