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Smart Interface and Controls | Canada

Connect an all-in-one touchscreen interface and logic controller with SCADA

Consolidating information to the SCADA takes time and cost
A production engineer at a food manufacturer that produces condiments such as sauces, vinegars, and dipping sauces, was trying to consolidate information by connecting a tank, before filling with sauce, to the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system in order to maintain and improve production efficiency. In order to establish this system, it was necessary to add communication control devices to the existing production equipment which would take time and money. The engineer wanted to find a system that could connect to SCADA while minimizing cost.
IDEC proposed a product in order to solve his problem. What was the solution?

Easily connect to SCADA, using an all-in-one logic controller with touchscreen as a gateway

IDEC proposed a solution to use the FT1A Touch, an all-in-one device with touchscreen and control function. The FT1A Touch has a temperature control function with analog and digital input/output, PLC, and a small touchscreen in one device. By using the Ethernet port and various communication drivers equipped with the FT1A touch, it acts a gateway to high level networks such as SCADA, contributing to IoT on the production site, and as a result, reducing the total time and cost. The customer is happy with the result and is thinking of adopting the FT1A Touch to other machines.

Line up of various control devices provides solutions on the production floor
IDEC provides high-quality control and safety devices such as the all-in-one logic controller with touchscreen, PLC, HMI, pushbutton switches, pilot lights relays, safety switches, emergency stop switches, enabling switches, safety laser scanners, and safety controllers, and has a positive reputation for having the most safety assessors in the industry. IDEC can provide your company with consulting on overall safety solutions for your manufacturing floor, not just on safety devices.
Please contact IDEC if you have any problems on the manufacturing floor.