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Rugged No-Wear Switch | Canada

Switches with both robustness and operability provide efficient arm operation

Switches for harsh environments are becoming larger in size
You can greatly improve the operability of arms and tip attachments for farm equipment by installing switches such as joystick levers and thumb controllers. However, working in poor road conditions due to bad weather requires the operator to operate the equipment for a long period of time and perform disorderly operations, resulting in an extremely harsh environment for the controller. Designers look for controllers that can be used in such a harsh environment and that also provide a long service life, while being compact and lightweight.

Thumb controller with no wearing parts and no contacts provides long service life and compact size

IDEC recommends our TS Series Non-Contact Thumb Controllers. Our TS Series features IP67 and 69K anti-vibration, and waterproof and dustproof structure, as well as being non-contacting Hall type.
The change in the magnetic field, caused by the magnet mounted under the stick, generated when the stick is operated is measured by a Hall element mounted on the circuit board so that this change is used to also change the output signal of the joystick. This use of a Hall element eliminates friction and wear between parts to provide long service life as well a more compact lightweight controller. By selecting an actuator appropriate for the operating method, you can perform delicate operations by use of a fingertip, allowing you to freely operate the tip part of the work vehicle. The design is ergonomically based, making it perfect for work that requires a long time to complete.
The switches are fully compatible with CAN communication, analog output, and USB output for PC screen operation that are generally used for farm and construction equipment, making them perfect for use in a wide variety of applications. They are additionally compatible with redundant duplex output in order to improve the safety of your machinery.

IDEC provides a wide variety of switches compatible for use in harsh environments

IDEC features a large lineup of switches with excellent environmental resistance and operability that are perfect for special vehicles and optimal for whatever production site applications you require. Feel free to contact IDEC for consultation regarding everything from switch selection to switch layout that takes operability and designability into consideration. Leave any and all of your switch needs to IDEC.