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Explosion Protection | Solutions | Canada

Remove ignition from the explosion equation: Machine Safety

Conventional measures cannot completely eliminate the risk of explosion, especially in enclosed high-risk environments containing highly flammable gases such as hydrogen, propane, and arsine. In these settings, intrinsically safe, explosion-proof components are required to thoroughly eliminate the risk of explosion. For an explosion to occur, three elements must be present: flammable gas, combustion-supporting gas (oxygen), and an ignition source. Removing at least one of them eradicates the possibility of an explosion. The ignition source is the easiest of the three to remove. For example, IDEC offers barrier relays that use an extremely weak electrical current and voltage that does not cause ignition. They are safe by design.

Install long-life, explosion-proof LEDs: Reducing Maintenance

In dangerous settings, such as printing facilities where sparks from electrical circuits can lead to major explosions, all devices must be explosion resistant. Although explosion-proof fluorescent lights are often used, they have a service life of only around one to two years when used 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and replacement requires a complete shutdown of production. IDEC’s EF1A series flameproof LED lighting can be used in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 and Zone 2 and has a service life of approximately five years, which is around five times that of conventional fluorescent lights.

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