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Reducing Carbon Footprint | Solutions | Canada

Control your energy consumption: PID Controls/Thermal Engineering

IDEC supports reducing energy resources. In one example, IDEC systems integrator Diverse Devices developed an automated heat recovery system to reduce energy use in hotels, hospitals,and other large facilities. An IDEC PLC is used to modulate the firing rate of the boilers and control other functions. If one boiler is not sufficient, the PLC brings additional boilers online and controls their firing rates too.The boiler control system uses an advanced PID algorithm and an HMI to maintain a constant temperature using less energy.


Make your panel a powerhouse: Efficient Power Supplies

Components that perform using less wattage at a lower cost help you reduce emissions without having to sacrifice power in the control panel. IDEC has power supplies that are lightweight, thin, and compact—providing big power in a small package. We have not only minimized their overall footprint, we have also provided various ways of mounting to give you added flexibility inside the control panel. With a 93% efficiency rating, our power supplies save energy while maintaining output ratings. Saving energy at the component level drives energy savings throughout your application. Plus, these power supplies generate less heat in the cabinet, reducing temperature stress on critical components.

Cut your kilowatts with LED strips: LED Lighting

LUMIFA LED light strips are an eco-friendly alternative to fluorescent lights. They help you reduce replacement and maintenance costs, enhance productivity, and save on electricity. LED strips improve visibility, brightness, product life, and energy consumption. IDEC offers a range of lighting options, including low-energy and compact models.

Send more sun to your machines: 12VDC PLCs

Solar power is considered one of the most environmentally friendly forms of renewable energy on the planet. Smart controllers follow the sun and distribute solar energy to the devices that need it the most. They allow solar-powered equipment to run continuously and use the power of the sun optimally. Demand for 12VDC control voltage has grown as solar and vehicle applications gain popularity and require PLCs to match their power sources. IDEC has followed this trend and offers the right PLCs and other products to provide what is needed for solar-powered equipment. In addition, our 12VDC MicroSmart Pentra has a high-speed CPU, providing faster scan times and better throughput. Our WindLDR software allows you to configure, modify, and monitor your programs with ease.