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Reducing Costs | Solutions | Canada

Roll back your real estate: Compact Components

Due to the increasing need for space-saving and cost-reducing devices, the shrinking of control panels has received considerable attention. IDEC solves this problem by providing customers with a varied lineup of in-panel products, including relays and circuit protectors, that save space and increase operational efficiency.


Lower your lighting bill: LED Lighting

LUMIFA LED light strips improve visibility, provide brighter and longer-lasting illumination, and consume less energy than incandescent lights. They help reduce replacement and maintenance costs so that you can improve productivity, detect errors more quickly, and save electricity. We offer a range of lighting options from low-energy lighting to compact lighting.

Push productivity with PLCs: PLCs

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are highly reliable, adaptable, and suitable for assembly lines and automated devices. They can program data exchange and inputs to maintenance systems and send alerts when there is a system failure. With Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) functionality, PLCs are even smarter and more autonomous, providing greater efficiency and visibility into business environments so that you can keep costs down.

Solve for savings: PLC/HMI Programming Suite

State-of-the-art configuration tools that are easy to use reduce engineering, installation, and maintenance costs and help you achieve the ideal design more quickly and efficiently. Our automation organizer software meets that challenge, and engineers at IDEC strive to provide you with the best solution in the marketplace. We encourage you to use the demo versions and give us your feedback so we can serve you better in the future. Once you register, software upgrades are always free. Our product configuration tools walk you through the options so you can design the product you want to buy. IDEC’s SLC product is a (required) custom panel and button solution that helps you select options faster and eliminates the guesswork of configuring and buying a custom solution.

Dial up durability: Extended-life Components

More uptime means fewer costs. We have safety devices that are designed to exceed standards and extend operating cycles. We also have switches with longer lives than conventional switches. IDEC’s lineup of safety switches and other reliable components help reduce the costs associated with unplanned downtime.