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Initiatives for Quality


IDEC Quality Standard

Globalization has been progress in IDEC Group where members with various culture and values work. Then IDEC Quality Standard was described which enable all the members to continue to actively fulfill their responsibility and mission to Quality after unifying the approach to the Quality of the Products and Services as that of IDEC Group.
Also, “IDEC Quality Standard” is orchestrate with “The IDEC Way”, which was enacted as a new philosophy of IDEC Group in 2019, and “Code of Conduct”, which was enacted as a common action guidelines through IDEC Group in 2020, to be applied to entire IDEC Group.

To Improve Quality

In order to create diverse "ease of use" that varies by customer, it is important to construct a system that sets guidelines for quality assurance at each step, from design and production to sales and logistics. In order to create outstanding products that customers will feel reassured to purchase and satisfied to use, we aim to improve our in-house cooperation for a unified, company-wide quality assurance system.

ISO 9001 Certification

The IDEC Group continues our corporate activities by operating and managing a quality management system to provide products and services with the quality that our customers and the market demands. We have also undergone screening and been certified by a third-party certification agency for ISO 9001, an international standard on quality management systems.